Products We Hate to Love

Okay so I would be lying, and you would be lying if, you (or I) said, that we never succumb to the peer pressure of wanting, and then buying  something somebody else has because it is currently trendy–Sorry for the extreme use of commas; dramatic pauses are kind of my thing. I digress.

So beneath I have rounded up four products. If you are a female between the ages of 15-40 you probably have owned at least one, or all of these products at a given moment in time, and probably still do. We claim to love these products but are not really sure why. Even though I am guilty of owning all of these products, and secretly (well not so secretly anymore) hate them, I wear/use them like I love them, and even after this post I will still continue to wear/use them. I guess its just one of those things. Nevertheless I feel compelled to point out their inconveniences.


Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots

Now I must admit when you are going out and about in the rain Hunter boots are pretty much the only way to go. However, these are without a doubt the most uncomfortable pair of boots I have have purchased my dad has ever bought me. They have a wear time of about 1 hour and 33 minutes, and beyond that I’m throwing in the towel and staying home.


Kate Spade iPhone Case

Kate Spade iPhone Case

$40 I will never get back. Why did we all buy these, why?! Yes they are cute, but they have a life span of about 12 days considering you will drop your iPhone, and it will go tumbling to the ground and crack on you. Or you’ll snap it into place and never be able to get it off your phone.

Kate Spade: 1 Nia: 0.


iPhone 4


This is photo is self-explanatory, and yes this is my iPhone.


Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban Aviators

Okay I was debating whether or not to put these on the list, but I know a lot of girls out there have these particular Ray Bans. Let it be known that I am not calling out all Ray Bans, just this particular pair. Granted these look good on nearly everyone, however they DO NOT block the sun. I repeat they do. not. block. the sun.

While in pictures it may look like I have my sh*t together, behind these plastic rimmed shades I’m still squinting pretty hard.

And there you have it folks, products I know we all hate to love. Agree? Disagree? Protests are welcome. 


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