The Thing About Candy Crush…

I tweeted: “question what was/is more addicting Bbm on blackberries? or Instagram on the iPhone? #discuss” 

My lovely best friend responded “some would argue candy crush”

And there it goes, Candy Crush. I feel like the tale between iPhone games and its users needs to be discussed.

When the iPhone first gained full on popularity around 2011 “Words With Friends” was all anyone and everyone was talking about, but we soon realized this was just scrabble on the go, and a big waste of f*cking time.

Then in 2012 came “Temple Run”, oh wow the craze that came with this game. People posting their million point scores on Facebook to illustrate how adept they were at swiping their finger across a screen (I was obviously one of them), but then everyone too realize this game is a waste of some serious battery life and more importantly time.

Now in 2013 there is “Candy Crush”. At first I was getting requests on Facebook from my little cousins, and I thought this was just another attempt at weird game-Facebook interaction like Farmville, but then I started to hear the buzz from people who were actually over the age of 12.

So if you live under a rock and haven’t been exposed to Candy Crush yet, it is exactly like Bejeweled; that game we all played in computer class in the 5th grade.

The thing about Candy Crush that makes it significantly better than Bejeweled is the fact that once you die a certain amount of times they actually give you a TIMEOUT from playing…like oh no sorry you SUCK no more play time for you, wait 30 minutes. And you’re all like but wait I was just about to pass this level. Like a stupid boy playing hard to get they make you wait and come back and try harder…this element of the game adds a severe amount of addiction.

But is Candy Crush here to stay? Definitely not.

Just like a pair of your favorite Juicy pants you used to sport all the time you have now given them a rest, you’ll wear them from time to time in your own home, but will never sport them in public , like EVER. So enjoy this addictive game while you can, because soon it’ll only be acceptable to play in the comforts of your own home, without embarrassingly begging people for lives on Facebook.


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