The O.C.Seth:…

The O.C.

Seth: So what’s the GP, RA?
Ryan: I have no idea what you just said.
Seth: Game plan, Ryan Atwood.
Ryan: You’re just using initials now?
Seth: Yeah, it saves time.
Ryan: Well, not if you have to translate.
Seth: GP.
Ryan: Game plan?
Seth: Good point.

It has been brought to my attention that it is the 10 Year Anniversary since The O.C. made its debut in 2003. I know what you’re thinking, 10 years? How is that even possible. Well let’s look back at the greatest show that was ever created…

I can still quote every line throughout seasons 1-3 no problem (I like to think season 4 never happened). Being an obsessive pre-teen/teen I could not imagine going to a party and seeing Coke, forget about actually doing it. OMGah they left Marisa blackedout outside her house? who does that?! (said no one who went to college ever) nevertheless it was before the college days and this show was beyond enthralling.

Forget about the fact that they were all 25 year olds playing 15 year olds, or that they were in the tenth grade for 2 years. This show made hipster nerds cool, combat boots and chokers hot, and having alcoholism at age 15 the status quo. How could we not love it?

Seth Cohen’s classic one liners:

I Got a Solid. 15 minutes. They. Say. That’s. All. You Need.

OMG are they growing in?

MARISA IS IN CHINO…I said Marisa has my chinos

It’s TI-HA-WANA, God you’re so white mom.

I got this new game, grand theft auto, you can steal cars it’s pretty cool…or not cool…idk.


The O.C. Taught Us:

  • Chrismukkha (I hate it when Chrismukkha ends), is a real holiday
  • People named Oliver will probably pretend to kill themselves so stay away.
  • Do not roadtrip to TJ with brooding bad boys, or hipster nerds
  • Warning: Girls with pixie haircuts might use the word “anathema” and or have a lisp
  • Ex-girlfriends always come back
  • Tequila plus Vicodin may lead to death in alleyways
  • If your dad is a carssalesmen he could be gay
  • Waterpolo players go to private school, surfers go to public school
  • If you steal a car with your brother a rich family will adopt you and put you in their pool house
  • Being a lesbian for 5 minutes is okay
  • yogaaaaaaalates
  • Summer and Seth, Seth and Summer. Perfect Couple.
  • The importance of Juicy couture
  • Lying about where you got into college will lead to everyone hating you
  • Drug dealers may accidentally run you off the road and kill you (cough cough Marisa Cooper)
  • Stay away from girls named Holly and Theresa, and Julie, and Taylor…etc.
  • If you see someone wearing a gray hoodie and a white-beater they are probably running away
  • Even though everyone on the show was dysfunctional you secretly wanted to be a part of the cast.

There are many many many more quotes, and things The O.C. taught us but that would probably take me a lifetime.  I suggest everyone take this Sunday to commence a long over-due O.C. marathon in celebration of this decade long anniversary.

Favorite quotes or scenes? Please share, because I can reminisce about this show all day…


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