In tribute to Instagram’s #TBT, I’m going to have a throwback outfit post every Thursday, to remember the good ‘ol fashion days.

Today’s post is all about Birkenstock.



So apparently they are making a comeback. Personally if you’re from the greater New York area, odds are you went to sleep away camp, and if you went to sleep away camp you most DEFINITELY had Birkenstocks.

My Grandpa called them Jesus shoes. The first time he saw them he said, “Why are you wearing those?”, the Jesus shoe, I told him, everyone had, and that they were really the only acceptable thing to wear around camp. They mold to your feet, and it would take an army to ruin them. So why did they go away? All of a sudden sleep away camp was over and so were they. But now, 7 years later they’re back! I personally can totally get on board with buying a new pair of these suckers. I loved them in 2005, and I can love them again.

Happy #TBT Birksenstock, way to muster the ultimate comeback. If you don’t believe me check out Céline’s Spring 2013 RTW line.


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