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Favorite Instagrams from Fashion Week



Jacket: Forever 21 Ripped Jeans: American Eagle Bag: Chanel xx

For the Love of Chanel

  Is there a stronger word out there than obsessed? Because that is what I am. xx

Furry Fun

It’s getting colder folks, and as much as I love an over-sized sweater as the next girl I find these these furry textured jackets and sweaters to be way more fun. Time to find me one of these show-stopping pieces within the near future… xx

The Uniform.

Just a quick Monday hello! You may remember seeing this shirt in a previous post, and honestly this is pretty much my fall uniform. Jeans, a striped shirt and a blazer, and believe me when I say you just can’t go wrong. This New York weather has been G-d sent so definitely trying to enjoy […]

Monday Mix Up

The search for the perfect “leather” jacket is finally over. I lost mine in France about a year and a half ago, and was relieved to find this one at Top Shop (for only $85)! I must say if you don’t have $500+ to send on a  real leather jacket, Top Shop is the way […]

Girl Crush: Olivia Pope

Technically it is still summer, but that does not mean I am not thinking about fall. I just finished both seasons of Scandal (if you have not gotten into it I suggest you start now), and have officially become obsessed with Olivia Pope a.ka. Kerri Washington. The dress at my office is pretty casual however […]