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Girl Crush: Olivia Pope

Technically it is still summer, but that does not mean I am not thinking about fall. I just finished both seasons of Scandal (if you have not gotten into it I suggest you start now), and have officially become obsessed with Olivia Pope a.ka. Kerri Washington. The dress at my office is pretty casual however […]

Products We Hate to Love

Okay so I would be lying, and you would be lying if, you (or I) said, that we never succumb to the peer pressure of wanting, and then buying  something somebody else has because it is currently trendy–Sorry for the extreme use of commas; dramatic pauses are kind of my thing. I digress. So beneath I […]

10 Notorious Guys You Meet at Bars…

1. Mystery Man Stares at you from afar, but never actually makes a move–Ain’t nobody got time for that. 2. Bottle Service Guy  This guy thinks just because he has bottle service he deserves any girl in the club, WRONG. (Note to you fellas: we love using you for your bottle service, but that’s about it. […]